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Stormchaser V2 Sport Lightsaber

  • Sporty, sleek and powerful, discover the incredible Stormchaser V2 lightsaber

    Beautifully crafted, this fictional weapon features a sleek black and chrome finish. This new lightsaber harmoniously combines elegance and performance to satisfy the expectations of your passion.
    The handle has a "grenade" style to improve comfort and support. A crown holds the polycarbonate blade, which accentuates its sporty design.

    This authentic lightsaber has been built using the latest technology available today for the diffusion of the light beam. Indeed, this rare piece is equipped with a multi-color RGB LED, allowing you to select the color of your choice from the 10 included with a simple touch of your finger.

    A loudspeaker is also implanted on the neck to immerse you totally in your favorite universe and make you live a unique experience. You can play up to 5 ultra-realistic sounds (a soundless mode is available).

    Warning: This sword is not suitable for children under 8 years old. Use of a lightsaber by younger children should be under adult supervision.

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