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Trooper Realistic Lightsaber

  • A Realistic Combat Experience with the Ultimate Trooper Lightsaber

    Inspired by the mythical models that forged the history of the lightsaber, the Trooper Saber is given as an award to the most powerful elite soldiers. It is for those who have demonstrated courage, discipline and bravery along the way.
    Very few have been able to reach this rank and earn this award, so if you think you can earn it, join the troops and prove to us what you can do!

    The handle is particularly worked, it was shaped from high quality aluminum. This gives it a great resistance while remaining light. The contrast between the black handle and the silver handle accentuates the lines of force that sculpt its design.

    Blue, Red, Green or Purple? This lightsaber is bright and has the latest RGB LED technology. You have access to a wide choice of colors with no less than 11 shades available. The blade is made of polycarbonate and is suitable for saber duels, providing excellent light diffusion.

    The sword is also equipped with a speaker on the end of its handle that allows you to play up to 5 sound effects. Thanks to this, you will be able to fully enter the universe of your favorite saga.

    Warning: This sword is not suitable for children under 8 years old. Use of a lightsaber by younger children should be under adult supervision.

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