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Ultimate Hawker Lightsaber

  • The Ultimate Hawker is the culmination of a rugged and aesthetically pleasing Lightsaber

    Some will see it as a rare collector's item while others will be able to use it for epic battles! Indeed, the relief of the handle of this lightsaber takes into account the palm of the hand. This makes the movements more fluid, faster and therefore more impressive.

    In addition to being able to be used for dueling, the sword shows a visual result that will please the fanatics of the dark side.

    The lightsaber is composed of an RGB LED allowing access to 12 different colors. Thus, the presence of a button at the height of the thumb offers you the possibility to change style in a flash.
    The light blade is made of polycarbonate so that it will last for many years. It is a material designed for lightsaber matches in a competitive environment.

    To make you feel like a shadow lord, the lightsaber also comes with a sound system. Thanks to its realistic sounds, you will be able to replay the greatest battles that have marked you.

    Warning: This sword is not suitable for children under 8 years old. Use of a lightsaber by younger children should be under adult supervision.

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