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Dark Renegade V2 Combat Lightsaber

  • The Ultimate Combat Weapon: the new Dark Renegade V2 Lightsaber

    Your life is not dictated by any rules? You do as you please and you don't identify with either side? Then you are probably a renegade. Deserter of causes, rebel, heretic or simply outlaw, we have the perfect weapon for you.

    The new Dark Renegade V2 is a realistic lightsaber forged from aluminum alloy and anodized in black and silver.
    Featuring a new "grenade" grip on the entire handle, this sword is as functional as it is elegant. Indeed, it offers duelists an excellent grip, without sacrificing its aesthetics.

    This replica lightsaber features a powerful 12 watt RGB LED that diffuses light intensely. A huge choice of colors is offered to you according to your choice of renegade.
    A high quality speaker is also present on this model to reproduce realistic sounds during the fight. You will also be able to operate it without sound with a simple touch of your finger.

    The end of the handle is threaded, which allows you to connect two lightsabers together and take advantage of your opponent! To do this, you'll need our special coupler and a second lightsaber.

    Warning: This sword is not suitable for children under 8 years old. Use of a lightsaber by younger children should be under adult supervision.

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